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Business registration in Ukraine and abroad.
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Subscription legal services for business in Ukraine and EU countries.
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Legal support of import-export operations.
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Obtaining permits for business activities.
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Opening a business in the USA.
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Services for pre-trial settlement of disputes.

International Law Agency

About us

Lawyers of the International Law Agency provides universal legal services for business, both in Ukraine and abroad, of various profiles with an emphasis on consultations on issues - legal subscriber service in the field of foreign economic activity, namely: organization of export-import activities, establishment of enterprises, tax and customs affairs, certification of origin and compliance, minimization of risks and losses, etc. We provide services to both residents and non-residents. Legal outsourcing and legal services for business -this is first and foremost legal examination of documents, consulting on the application of the current legislation of Ukraine, European countries, and America.
Foreign economic activity as a priority direction of our services is a set of functions of enterprises oriented to the world market, taking into account the foreign economic strategy, forms and methods of work on foreign markets and on the market of Ukraine. In today's reality, FE services are an integral part of the development of our economy and society as a whole. In this way, we provide services based on the combination and interaction of activity models of subjects of the legal system of Ukraine and legal subjects of other countries. We offer our customers: services for representing the interests of foreign companies, drafting documents according to foreign legislation, support for foreign trade agreements, drafting foreign trade agreements. Drafting of foreign trade agreements (agreements) is a method of documentary legal fixation of the agreements reached by the parties to such contracts at the stage of negotiations. The services provided by us are a necessary balance not only in the daily work of the above-mentioned subjects, but also in original projects. We support the activities of foreign and local clients at every stage: from company creation to growth and expansion in foreign markets and vice versa. The priority of any service is to provide a comprehensive and effective solution. Ordering the services of our company is carried out with the aim of protecting the interests of Ukrainian citizens and/or foreigners, stateless persons when interacting with state bodies, bodies of state power and local self-government.
We provide legal support of the highest level!

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Migration services

- support, submission and support for obtaining a visa in the USA,
- submission and support of forms DS-160s/ DS-260, I-130, I-485, I-131, I-765,
-support of migration cases related to business,
-representation of interests in matters of consumer rights protection,
-legal services for obtaining citizenship of Bulgaria and Romania (support and submission of documents).

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Drafting of international contracts

- international contracts for the supply, purchase
- sale, rental of goods (services) according to the terms of Incoterms, business contracts between non-residents and residents of Ukraine,
- employment agreements, civil law agreements, non-disclosure agreements.

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Legal support of registration, reorganization and liquidation of residents and non-residents

Registration and liquidation of LLC, Individual entrepreneurs. Registration of Charitable, Public, Religious organizations.

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Legal service for Ukrainian and foreign companies.

Legal consultations, planning, drafting and obtaining legal and other business documents.

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Legal support in the field of intellectual property

Registration of a sign for goods and services (trade mark).

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Commercial law

Examination, drafting of contracts.

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Permit documentation

issuing a permit for advertising, commercial activity.

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Investment law

Registration of foreign enterprises in Ukraine and the USA

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Judicial practice

Services are related to representation and protection of interests.

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Online consultation of an international lawyer

The service of ordering an online consultation involves an initial legal assessment of your issue with an explanation of further steps to solve the problem.

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Payment for an online consultation

is made by using the way for pay service, and in the case of ordering a service, the cost of the consultation will be included in a total cost of this kind of service!



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    Our services:
    If your activity or the activity of your company is related to the foreign economic sphere, namely:
    ▪ drawing up and entering into a contract with a foreign partner,
    ▪ issues of taxation of export-import and other foreign exchange transactions,
    ▪ in negotiations with foreign counterparties,
    ▪ in obtaining the necessary permits (in the field of currency, financial and other legislation),
    ▪ accompanied by the withdrawal of the investor's capital outside of Ukraine,
    ▪ in the creation of a subsidiary or representative office of a foreign company, including common enterprises,
    ▪ accompanying the registration of loans from non-residents in banks,
    ▪ in obtaining permits for the employment of foreigners,
    ▪ accompanying the obtaining of permits for foreigners to stay in Ukraine, etc.,
    ▪ in opening an enterprise and bank accounts abroad,
    ▪ in an appeal to a foreign court or arbitration (ICAC).
    You can get all these services from us!
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    Services for obtaining permit documentation:
    ▪ Permission to place outdoor advertising in Odesa and Odesa region.
    ▪ Obtaining a permit for street trading.
    ▪ Obtaining the technical passport of the sign, making changes to the technical passport of the sign.
    ▪ Tobacco and alcohol retail trade license.
    ▪ License for wholesale trade in tobacco and alcohol.
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    Judicial practice:
    ▪ Services are related to representation and protection of interests.
    ▪ Representation of interests in commercial and civil courts.
    ▪ Representation of interests in administrative courts.
    ▪ Representation of interests in the International Commercial Arbitration Court (ICAC).
    ▪ Drafting of all types of procedural documents: lawsuits, responses to a lawsuit, responses to a response, statements, complaints, motions, explanations, appeals and cassation complaints.
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    Legal support of registration, reorganization and liquidation of residents and non-residents
    ● establishment and registration of companies abroad in accordance with the law of the country of establishment with further support of activities:
    ▪ development and maintenance of internal documentation of enterprises: labor protection, permit documentation, registration of licenses, company rules, instructions, job instructions,
    ▪ opening an enterprise account in a foreign bank,
    ▪ development of labor contracts with the company's employees and support of procedures for registration of labor relations with state bodies of a foreign country,
    ▪ development of NDA contracts,
    ▪ development of contracts for the supply of goods, works and services,
    ▪ processing of documents for company employees in accordance with GDPR norms.
    ● LLC registration:
    ▪ development of statutory documents for LLC registration;
    ▪ selection of activities;
    ▪ selection of the system of taxation of types of activities of the LLC;
    ▪ obtaining license documentation of certain types of activities;
    ▪ obtaining documents of a permissive nature;
    ▪ registration of changes in types of activities, registration of changes in the head of the LLC, registration of changes in founders, name changes in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities and Individual Entrepreneurs.
    ● Registration of Individual entrepreneur:
    ▪ Registration in the register of single tax payers.
    ▪ Registration in the register of VAT payers.
    ▪ Opening a bank account.
    ▪ Registration of the cash register.
    ▪ Registration of electronic keys for submitting reports.
    ▪ Obtaining a statement of the VAT payer, the single tax of the UDR.
    ▪ Obtaining a seal.
    ● Registration of Charitable Organizations;
    ● Registration of Public Organizations
    ● Registration of Religious Organizations;
    ●Liquidation of LLC and Individual entrepreneur.
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    Investment law:
    ● Registration of a subsidiary of a foreign company.
    ● Registration of a company (branch, subsidiary) in the USA.
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    Subscription legal service for residents and non-residents:
    ● conducting negotiations with foreign clients of the company;
    ● preparation of powers of attorney, corporate and registration documents for initial registration and making changes to legal entities, enterprises with foreign investments and their representative offices, foreign humanitarian organizations and their representative offices;
    ● legal consultations in oral and written forms (depending on the needs of the client);
    ● legal planning;
    ● preparation of legal documents;
    ● development of establishment and personnel documentation;
    ● obtaining documents of a permissive nature, including licenses;
    ● search for reliable counterparties;
    ● management of personnel work;
    ● preparation, maintenance of regulatory, technical and other documentation on labor protection issues at the enterprise, its proper storage and control
    ●compilation and development of documents for company employees in accordance with the GDPR Regulation.
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    Commercial law:
    ● Examination and analysis of contracts.
    ● Drafting of contracts.
    ● Agreements in the field of foreign trade (preparation, approval, amendment, signing).

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